French Classes at Kamiak


Events are marked by the level of French and either "Devoir" (homework) or "Interro" (tests/quizzes). Click on your level of French to display the information. Please note that French 4 is also responsible for all of French 3. French AP is also responsible for French 4. So both levels will need to be checked for these classes.

Tue. 12/17 7:00 AM F2 Interro

Comprehension quiz de Yabla: Le Monde - D’où vient le Père Noël ?

7:00 AM F3 Interro

Comprehension Quiz - Yabla: Le Monde - D’où vient le Père Noël ?

Wed. 12/18 7:00 AM F2 Interro

Interro - être, avoir, aller, faire

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