French Classes at Kamiak

Voici le cours de français 1!

French Intro

Languages are a means to communicate. That is their sole purpose. There are two major means of communication: written and verbal. As in English, French formal writing differs greatly in rules and expression from its casual conversational counterpart. Students will find differences between standard spoken French and daily French exchanges used by its speakers. To acquire a world language requires practice and repetition. It means having good class attendance, doing at home practice, and wanting to learn the language. One cannot learn to communicate in a language without making mistakes. Be prepared to make mistakes! 

Most homework assignments are web-based. These are generally small assignments given 4 times a week. They are composed of  7 to 15 practice sentences and generally take 5 to 15 minutes to complete. The sites provide instant feedback which allows for more aural/oral class time. 

The following are the sites used for this class:

Quia (homework quizzes)

VHLcentral home page

JoinQuizlet class - click this only one time 

Google classroom (for uploading Quizlet assignments) 

Course Policy and Procedures

Internet Resources for French 1

Alphabet - listening and practicing

L'alphabet - une chanson 

Les numéros (Note: there is an error on the site) a thousand reads as "un mille" but it should be just "mille"

Les numéros - une chanson 

Play hangman with être and avoir

Game with verb conjugationClick "present" for tense and then go to regular verbs and check the -er verbs that you want to practice.

Foreign Service Institute French Language Course - public domain. Scroll to the end to the E-book section.      

Study Guides - Les guides d'études

Unité 1

Unité 3

Unité 5

Unité 2

Unité 3B

Unité 2B

Unité 4A