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Voici le cours de français 1!

French Intro

Virtual Learning:

The domain for this site expires on Aug. 24, 2020 and will not be renewed. All study guides and information can be found on the school's Schoology account.

Course Policy and Procedures

Internet Resources for French 1

Alphabet - listening and practicing

L'alphabet - une chanson 

L'alphabet - une chanson 

Les numéros (Note: there is an error on the site) a thousand reads as "un mille" but it should be just "mille"

Les numéros - une chanson 

Play hangman with être and avoir

Game with verb conjugationClick "present" for tense and then go to regular verbs and check the -er verbs that you want to practice.

Foreign Service Institute French Language Course - public domain. Scroll to the end to the E-book section.      

Study Guides - Les guides d'études

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