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Bienvenue au cours de français 2

French 2 is not easy. Expect to work hard and spend 20 minutes each day doing homework and studying. At the end of the year, you will be amazed at how much French you have learned! To spend 20 minutes a day and end-up proficient in a second language is well worth the time you will spend!

To be successful in this course you should expect --

1) To have and do homework daily. Homework are open-book Quia quizzes/VHL Central or Quizlet assignments. Take care with these. Use your study guides or this site and look up the information that you don't know. Pay attention to the errors that you make. These at-home-quizzes are identical in format to the in-class (closed book) exams that you will take. They will help you measure what you know vs. what you don't know in a low-risk setting.

2) Be willing to speak French and use the words that you are learning to communicate with each other. Most times speaking English is not permitted. This may seem hard and unpleasant, but the benefit you will reap from this is immeasurable.

3) Be prepared not to understand everything that I say. This is a semi-immersion class. I will be speaking French most of the time. Relax! Don't panic! Other students have been through this and survived! You don't need to understand every word to understand the message! Make sure that you are studying the vocabulary -- I will be using it to communicate with you.

Create Yabla account: Warning! The grade in Quia is an average of the assignments that you have done. It does not give you your grade average in the class. The grade that goes into Skyward Qmlativ includes assignments that you have NOT done.

Quizlet for French 2: 


Course Outline and Policies

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French Resources

If you need help with basic concepts: alphabet, time, greetings, colors, to more advanced grammar the website below has a list of very useful sites to get help and practice or please check the home page for resources.

French Resources


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