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Bienvenue au cours de français 4!

This course is meant to prepare students for AP French the following year. Students must be enrolled in French 4 to qualify for AP French.

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French 4 Course Outline


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D'Accord 3 Leçon 1               T'es branché Unité 2 

T'es branché Unité 01A         D'Accord 3 Leçon 2 (audio site AP) 




 Larousse On-line Collins


WordReference has the most nuances and definitions of words. Larousse and Collins enable you to hear the word. Make it a habit to double check definitions with multiple sources. Be careful in compositions using words that you have never seen or used before. Use on-line translation sites carefully. These can be beneficial if used correctly, but they are by far the least reliable. They can be a learning tool, but are easily recognizable when used as a quick means to complete assignments.


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